Fruit Rainbow

Healthy Eating for people who have Developmental Disabilities. Everyone learns why it’s important to eat more fruit in this compelling story. The bowling group discovers the fruit rainbow and learns new strategies to eat more fruit.

This award-winning course tells what happens when of a member of the bowling group ends up in the hospital with chest pains. Then the group rethinks their eating habits. 2 modules: Fantastic Fruits and Got Any Fruit? Includes 2 knowledge checks, recipes and other printables. The program, funded in part by a grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, is perfect for use in special education classrooms or at home.

Audience: Teens and adults who have intellectual disabilities & learning partners. Video runtime: 24 minutes

Walk Your Way to Fitness

Walk, Workout, Be Active for People with Intellectual Disabilities. This award-winning course is perfect for teens & adults who want to start a walking and fitness program. Join a diverse group of walkers as they learn to become fit & active.

In this course, the group learns how to avoid exercise barriers, encourage progress, make lifestyle changes, use pedometers and set & meet lifestyle goals. The 9-unit course with printable worksheets and counting logs includes workout routines for walking, strength flexibility and dancing. Nine short video lessons include:

• Getting Started

• Good Step Counter Habits

• Exercise Barriers & Benefits

• Brainstorming Ways to Be Active

• Being Active & Setting Goals

• Encouraging Progress & Meeting Goals

• Getting Around Barriers & Staying Positive

• Attitude Traps & Self Talk

• Making Lasting Changes

Audience: Teens and adults who have intellectual disabilities. Video runtime 4.5 hours

Sunny Side of the Street

Parent Education with Parents who have Intellectual Disabilities. This course is for parents who have cognitive limitations or low literacy promotes family activities that support social, emotional and literacy development in children Pre K-1.School staff and social service providers now have an exceptional curriculum for parents who have intellectual disabilities or low literacy. Professionals can teach and promote family activities that support social, emotional and literacy development in children Pre K-1. Using a rich collection of music, games, videos, pictures and positive modeling, it’s an ideal teaching tool for working with low literacy families.

With integrated videos, songs and cards, children have fun practicing social skills, developing reading readiness skills and organizing their morning and evening routines. Singable songs keep family routines fresh and fun. Join the Sunny Side Kids in as they sing new and traditional songs that take you through the day with these five 10-minute video episodes:
Ready for School
Ready to Read
Ready to Get Along
Ready to Play
Ready for Bed

Watch the videos and see how other families develop their home, school and playtime routines. Video episodes show families creating routines. Each episode presents realistic models of parents and children facing common challenges and learning new skills.

Audience: Pre-K teachers, family service providers, school resource rooms and parents. Video runtime: 50 minutes